Dental Hygienist

An expert in the field of dental hygiene, Aileen has been making smiles shine for over 40 years with Dental Designs of White Marsh. You’ll find Aileen as the epitome of the word family as she has been part of the lives of many of our patients. She loves being a part of the lives of even our youngest patients and it shows with her ability to just sit back and be a kid herself. After 17 years and still going strong as a member of her book club, you can really see where Aileent develops her wonderful imagination. Although you’d never know where 40 years came from, since Aileen keeps fit through loads of power walking, hiking, the occasional squats with her hygiene neighbors, and hula hoop competitions with Dr. Santos. Aileen spends time with her husband Herb, and adorable grand-dog Riley. Just ask her for photos! When she’s not babysitting the pup, you’ll find Aileen out and about trying the newest cuisines around the city Let Aileen change your life and you’ll fall in love with her too.