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Our expert dental hygienists Aileen, Janet, Jackie, Johanna, and Gina have over fifty years of combined experience in dental hygiene.  This includes not only cleaning your teeth and gums, but also providing expert guidance and instruction on how to get your teeth clean at home, and keeping them that way.  Dental hygiene is not a one size fits all proposition, and all of our hygienists are acutely trained to tailor a custom dental plan for each and every patient, depending on what they need.

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Regular Dental Hygiene Visits

Prevention is Key

Regular hygiene appointments are made every six months for maintenance of healthy teeth and gums.  Every six month appointment includes a thorough cleaning, updated yearly diagnostic radiographs, an oral cancer screening, oral hygiene counseling to ensure effective home care, and a periodic exam by one of our wonderful doctors.

For patients with periodontal conditions that require more attentive care, we may recommend a shorter hygiene interval so we don’t let small problems blossom into large ones!

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Low Radiation Digital Radiographs

At Dental Designs of Maryland we take your health seriously, that’s why we use an all-digital radiographic system in every one of our eight treatment suites.  Digital radiographs are not only quicker and require no film processing, but drastically lower the amount of radiation required for each picture.  The result is we get crystal clear diagnostic images at a fraction of the regular radiation exposure found in traditional x-rays.

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Fluoride Treatment

Fluoride is a naturally occurring mineral that is one of the top cavity fighters we have in our arsenal. Children benefit from bi-yearly applications of fluoride varnish that serve to strengthen their tooth enamel. This strengthened enamel is significantly less prone to cavities. Recent research also shows that, unlike previous believed, adults also have a marked positive effect with fluoride varnish treatment, so we encourage all of our adult patients to request fluoride at their hygiene appointment.

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Deep Gum Treatment

Sometimes a deep cleaning underneath the gums is needed if a routine hygiene appointment isn’t enough. This is called scaling and root planing, and is often done for patients that have notable issues with the gums and bone surrounding their teeth. Through a combination of physical debridement using our piezoelectric handpieces and antimicrobial irrigation placed under the gum, we’ll get your mouth healthy in no time!

Occlusal Orthotic Guards

Not Just For Athletes!

protect your teeth with mouthguard bannerGuards keep your teeth safe. Whether you need a mouth guard for sports, suffer from chronic bruxism, or are looking for a conservative solution to stop snoring, we have the right guard for you. Sports guards come in a variety of colors and fitting options. The most commonly prescribed mouth guard howver is for bruxism, a condition where patients chronically clench and introduce wear to the teeth and surrounding structures.

Mouth guards typically take 2 short visits, one for models of your teeth and a second for fitting. These mouthguards will not rock or slip, and we ensure a perfect fit every time.

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Dental Sealants

Cavity Protection for Kids Young and Old

  • Great for Teens and Young Adults
  • 100 Percent Effective in Preventing Cavities
  • Quick 15-20 Minute Application Time

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