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What is a Dental Implant?

A dental implant is an artificial tooth root made from specially treated titanium, which is implanted into the bone. After a period of healing, the implant is restored with a tooth to restore function and aesthetics. This tooth is permanently inserted into the mouth, and will not need to be removed for maintenance. A properly placed and maintained implant can provide a lifetime of service to the patient, and is often considered the best option for those with missing teeth. The gold standard for tooth replacement is a dental implant.

Health and Confidence Restored

All of your teeth and muscles in the head and neck work in harmony to create a balanced bite, allowing you to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. When a tooth is damaged enough that it must be removed, that harmony is disrupted. And although not immediately apparent, a slow process of bone loss, tooth movement, and occlusal imbalance may occur. This is why it’s important to replace missing teeth, and dental implants are the best way to do just that.

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Complete Dental Implant Solutions Under One Roof

Hanover, Perry Hall, and White Marsh

Using a combination of artistry and modern technology, we offer a variety of options to replace your missing teeth using dental implants that are nearly indistinguishable from your real teeth.  The best part, is that all of our dental implant treatments can be done under one roof.  No more having to deal with two offices, coordinating treatment, and confusion! Under the care and supervision of our periodontal specialist Dr. Joshua Metzger, you will be expertly guided through the entire dental implant process from the planning stages all the way to finish, without ever having to visit a different office.

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Don't Ever Go Without Your Smile

Immediate Implant Tooth Placement

For patients who have lost or damaged a front tooth beyond repair, often times waiting for an implant to heal without a tooth in place is not a viable option.  Our board certified periodontist is often able to extract the broken front tooth, place the implant, and install a lifelike temporary tooth in its place…all in one day.  

Implant Supported Dentures

denture supported dental implantsImplant Supported Dentures are similar to regular dentures, except they are supported on the bottom by four to six dental implants. The implants latch onto the denture via connectors that ‘snap’ in. Although patients still must remove their dentures nightly, this alleviates the #1 reason why patients are unhappy with dentures, which is that they do not fit well. We consider Implant Supported Dentures the standard of care for removable prosthodontics for those with no teeth. Implant Supported Dentures also remove the need to cover the roof of the mouth, as the dentures are horseshoe shaped. This affords better comfort, speech and taste. The advantage of the Implant Supported Dentures is obvious, in that the patient has a stable, retentive prosthesis that does not move around in the mouth.

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Hybrid Overdenture

Taking the implant concept one step further is the hybrid overdenture; we like to think of this as the Cadillac of implant treatments.  A hybrid overdenture is a full arch prosthesis firmly anchored to the jawbone by 4-6 dental implants. This prosthesis is permanently attached and does NOT come out.  For the edentulous patient, this is a life changing procedure that allows you to smile, talk, and eat very similarly to having a full mouth of real teeth again!

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