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Tooth Extraction

It’s not a topic most people want to think about, but if a tooth is damaged beyond repair, it must be removed to prevent infection and pain. We are extensively trained in oral surgery to provide the most conservative and minimally invasive tooth extraction possible. Rest assured that our two highest priorities in any extraction is to retain as much bone as possible while keeping you pain free.

Gum & Bone Rehabilitation

Teeth below the gum lineBoard-certified periodontist Dr. Joshua Metzger offers a full array of periodontal services including bone grafting, osseous bone recontouring, gum tissue grafting, crown lengthening, and complex implant surgery. These surgeries allow us to rehabilitate diseased and broken down teeth and bone, and turn them into beautiful smiles! We provide the full arsenal of tools to rehabilitate any dentition, all delivered with the signature care and compassion you expect from Dental Designs of Maryland.


Bone Grafting

Certain patients may be candidates for bone grafting for a variety of reasons, some of which include replacing bone lost during an extraction, or repairing damage caused by periodontal disease.  This procedure helps to preserve or restore the natural level of the bone and can often prevent the need for major periodontal treatment in the future. If this is something that may benefit you, be assured that we will recommend this treatment as part of your overall treatment plan.

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