Reviving & Restoring Oral Health

Oh no, you got a cavity! What now? The good news is that in modern dentistry, the world is your oyster. We offer a wide variety of restorative options that range from simple fillings to a root canal (keep reading find out why this procedure is not as bad as its reputation!), all of which serve to get you out of pain, and into a beautiful, functional smile that allows you to eat the foods you love and flash that bright smile to the world. Best of all, select Dental Designs of Maryland locations feature our CEREC cad/cam dental scanner and fabricator which ensures the most accurate restorations which can be made in an hour often while you wait!

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The Future of Dentistry is Here

CEREC Digital Dentistry System

We are pleased to offer one day crowns with our Sirona CEREC scanner and milling unit at select Dental Designs of Maryland locations (please call for details). This piece of high tech wizardry allows us to create a 3D scan of your tooth, design your crown, and have it milled…all chairside! No more gag-inducing impression putty, no more dealing with temporary crowns, no more having to take time off work for a second appointment. CEREC technology allows you to come with a broken tooth and leave with a shiny new crown!

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White Fillings and Porcelain Onlays

We Are a Mercury Free Dental Practice

We pride ourselves on being a mercury-free practice and do not believe in old fashioned metal fillings that can crack and weaken a tooth over time. We exclusively place beautiful white resin fillings that are matched to your existing teeth color, and you won’t even know they’re there! White fillings required much less removal of tooth structure, and are chemically bonded into the tooth to ensure a good fit. It’s important to take care of cavities but the satisfaction of a seamless filling is even better!

For larger cavities, we recommend CEREC-made porcelain onlays that can more closely mimic the natural anatomy of your tooth. The muscles of your head, neck, and jaw all work closely in concert with each other and even small changes in the way you bite can cause long-term problems with TMJ pain or excessive tooth wear. Onlays are fabricated on-site using our cutting edge CEREC machine, is bonded into the cavity like a puzzle piece, and allows us to restore the natural function and beauty of your teeth.

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These Crowns Have Beauty & Brawn

Aesthetic Zirconia & Porcelain Crowns

Gone are the days of bulky unsightly all-metal crowns, and traditional porcelain on metal crowns that chip away over time, showing the unsightly metal underneath. We use a combination of strong zirconia and premium full-porcelain crowns whenever possible.  These modern materials combine conservative preparation to save as much tooth structure as possible, along with unmatched beauty and luster. Ask to see our case-book when you come in and we’ll be happy to show you some fantastic cosmetic cases that we’ve done!

Root Canal Therapy

Saving a Tooth from the Inside Out

root canal mouth modelWhen a cavity becomes so large that it infects the root, teeth may need a root canal to be saved. Root canals have long been a dreaded topic for many, but you may be surprised to hear that it is often painless, and is done to bring the patient OUT of pain. In this procedure, the part of the tooth called the pulp, is cleaned and disinfected, then a permanent filling is placed into the canals to prevent re-infection, followed by a permanent filling and a crown. We perform many of our own root canals here using only modern rotary endodontics instead of the traditional hand filing techniques, which ensure better disinfection, less trauma to the surrounding bone structures, and quicker chair time.

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