Linda Carnes CDA Lead Dental Assistant


Dental Assistant

Originally from Dundalk, Linda fell in love with the field of dentistry over 35 years ago. Inspired by her work in the nursing field, Linda quickly developed a deep passion for working with people. This resolve stuck with her through her years in dentistry, setting an example for her daughter and two beautiful grandchildren. Linda enjoys participating in neighborhood block parties, hunting, fishing, and all things outdoors. What really makes her unique is her ability to be honest and making her patients laugh by always telling the truth. Her favorite movie will always be Fried Green Tomatoes, and she lives by Ben Franklin’s motto: “Don’t put off until tomorrow, what you can do today.”  Linda provides support to the doctors of Dental Designs of White Marsh as Dr. Santos’ lead assistant and is happy spending her days keeping the smiles of White Marsh amazing one tooth at a time.