Rachel Loverde Treatment Coordinator


Front Office Coordinator

Creating lasting relationships her whole life, Rachel joined Team #DDWM in 2017 and has quickly become one of our go-to women. Intrigued with the thoughts of helping people reclaim their smiles and inspiring people to dance, she taught herself the ins and outs of our front desk administration. From listening to dental podcasts to continuing education across the country, Rachel is passionate about continually honing her craft. Growing up in the Perry Hall and Baltimore City area, she has predominately held management positions for the last 17 years. She’ll tell you that she is, “A libra, which fits me perfectly, because I create balance in things.” Her husband of 10 years and daughter Ava, will tell her she’s the Yin to their Yang! Rachel enjoys being crafty, drawing, and decorating, you’ll even find her often fixing some of the decorations Dr. Santos puts up! Living in Fort Howard now, Rachel maintains being a true Baltimorean by occasionally crabbing and fishing! For Rachel, life is about timeless laughter, ageless imagination, and forever dreams. You’ll find it easy to see your glass half full when you meet her.