Vickie Hanes Financial Coordinator


Patient Finance Coordinator

Vickie is Thing 2 to Shirley’s Thing 1. Talk about a dynamic duo. You’ve probably seen Vickie hard at work over her computer, as our patient finance coordinator.  Building on a strong foundation of communication with our patients and clarity when reviewing their treatment plans is always Vickie’s number one goal. Vickie may have a firm hand with insurance, but she sure tries not to use it when she has water balloon battles with her little boy. Her family is her everything, and together they enjoy travel, crafts, gardening, and watching their son score his first soccer goal. When she’s not saying, “Good Gravy!”, Vickie can be caught quoting Disney movies, or spitting out that random life fact about Hollywood Legends. For over a decade, Vickie has been with Dental Designs of White Marsh, helping our patients maximize their insurance benefits and providing them financial options for treatment. When she’s not so busy keeping our books straight, Vickie hopes to one day write a children’s book of her own.